Frequently asked questions...

Question: but..but..does it hurt?

The FAQ section of the website addresses all the main questions typically asked (so don't worry, you're not alone in asking them!). However, let me answer the BIG question on your lips 'How much will it hurt?'.

Would you believe me if I replied 'Just a little scratch?' Well, that's all you should feel for the majority of the injections but some areas of the face are more sensitive than others. Many of my clients are surprised when they don't feel pain as such, more an uncomfortable sensation for literally a second or two. Some clients feel no discomfort or pain at all. It's a very individual experience but nothing traumatic.

Question: is it dangerous?

As the media and press have often mentioned, Botulinum Toxin has 'poison' in it. There is, in fact, a small amount of chemical toxin which to be dangerous would require over 3000 units to be administered. We administer between 25-50 units!

When you compare this to Paracetamol (which some people take every day), it has been known that taking only 15 tablets could be fatal.

Question: how much does it cost?

A full explanation of costs can be found under the Treatments section of this website or by clicking here.

Question: who can't have treatment?

Below is a list of people who would not (and should not) be allowed access to treatment based on clinical grounds:

- Anyone under the age of 18 years

- Anyone who has any conditions which affect the central nervous system (example: myasthenia gravis, eaton lambert syndrome)

- Anyone who has bleeding disorders or on any anti-coagulants

Question: are there any side effects?

Like all medicines, the products can have side effects but not everyone gets them. Some are more common than others, for example, bruising, skin redness, headaches. These side effects are usually temporary.

More uncommon effects are numbness, infection, sensitivity to light.

Possible side effects will be discussed fully and in more detail at your appointment.

Question: will I notice the difference immediately?

With the Botulinum Toxin treatments, it can take anywhere between 2 and 14 days for it to take full effect. This will depend on varying patient factors, for example, age, severity of lines, etc.

Dermal Filler results are immediate. You will see the results as soon as your appointment is over and no one else need know!

Question: how long is the appointment?

It obviously depends on how much you decide to have done. 30 minute appointments are designated to each person, but treatment is very short - only a few minutes. This is to ensure we have plenty of time to check your medical history and for you to ask any questions you may have.

For Dermal Filler, we like people to come in 45 minutes before their appointment to apply the anaesthetic cream. So bring in a magazine or book and have a relaxing, quiet read while it's taking effect.


Please call 020 8642 0121 to book your appointment or email

Question: do I need to take time of work?

No, however, I would advise against any physical exertions (such as gardening) for the first 24 hours to avoid the product moving.

Question: how long will it last?

Treatments will last approximately 3-6 months, sometimes longer but this depends on the individual.

Question: anything else I need to know?

It is suggested any patients taking St John's Wort, Gingo or Bilboa stop these for 7 days prior to treatments to reduce the risk of bruising or discomfort.

If you suffer from cold sores it is advised that a 7 day course of Acyclovir be taken to prevent an outbreak prior to treatments.


Please call 020 8642 0121 to book your appointment or email